September AOR 2017

September AOR 2017
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I got my AOR on Sep 15 . Still waiting for medicals . Kindly help me to understand how much more time it will take . Pls add me in whatsapp group


what stream are you? Have you tried reaching out to CIC? It has been very long.

Also are you EE applicant or Paper based?


HI, My AoR was on october 22 Medical Passed on the same day. Entered IP2 on Jan13, 2018 CEC inland applicant

Do you think It is a good idea to contact cic regarding my application. Or should I wait couple more weeks. I believe x mas holidays must have affected my application tooo. also can u add me on whatsapp pls…


I would suggest to wait for a bit, CEC tend to wait longer in IP2 as per tracker.


Thank you ANDY I will keep you posted on my updates. Do you think any refusal chances on IP2 stage. I cant keep my nerves calm.


Its rather rare, analyze the tracker fo refusals most are ip1


Thank so much for replying. You are the best my friend


Heloo Mine IS MPNP paper based application . I tired calling CIC they said my file is with the VISA office( Delhi ) and the medicals request will come from there . Am getting little concerned as this is little high waiting period .


Join the group:

Also review Paper based tracker:


Thank you so much for the help .


Hello, Please add me to September AOR Whatsapp group. My AOR 22nd September - FSW


Express Entry September AOR:


Thank you Andy


Hello, I’m AOR Oct 19 PNP Ontarion. I’m in NA2 since November 27th.

any thoughts.

could you please add me to whatsapp. thanks.


About 50% of October aor are waiting, so you are not alone, please check the tracker:


Hello, Do you have any sample format for enquiring application updates. CEC application. I am afraid I missed something. Updated on jan 13 as IP2. After that nothing… Pls reply me


I would suggest you to call them.

CEC tends to sit in IP2 for a long(er) time.


Hi , I also have same status but my e-aor date is feb-25-2018, would it be possible for you to guess if its is IP1 or IP2? Thanks


As you are feb, most likely it is ip1.