SC189/190/489 Queries Re.,

SC189/190/489 Queries Re.,
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Hello there folks!

Happy New Year 2019.

Firstly, I’d like to appreciate everyone in this forum for all your efforts in guiding each & every aspiring Oz migrants like myself!

Starting with my Points Breakdown:

Age (30 points), Education - Masters (15 points), Superior English PTE A - 90/90 (20 points), Skills Assessment - Positive, Overall: 65 points WITHOUT SS. (+5 for SC190, +10 for SC489).

Limited / No Work Experience Status, but 8 years of International Exposure (Canada & the UK whilst my Masters -Res & Post Graduate Diploma - Advanced Mechanical Engineering) + Professional Certifications + World-Class Projects.

ANZSCO Code: 233512 - Mechanical Engineer.

Skills Assessed as: Bachelor Honours Degree.

EOIs lodged for:

  • SC189 (DOE 17th December 2018)

  • SC190 NSW (DOE 17th December 2018)

  • SC190/489 TAS (DOE 16th January 2019)

I have got few questions hereby, for which I’d request everyone to help me with - at your earliest convenience!

  1. Kindly evaluate my 100% chances of (early) invitations for each Subclass & please advise me on the approximate timeframes as such.

  2. What needs to be done just after EOIs’ lodgement? Do I have to apply in the respective state websites as well? ‘Coz I’ve not done anything as yet, apart from lodging my EOIs in Skill Select. Some say that I’ll have to apply in the respective state websites as well, pay their fee accordingly and wait for the outcome? Is this how it’s done? It’s really unclear! Please advise.

  3. Kindly advise on the ‘Employability Statement’ which the TAS Government is looking for, in regards to my SC190/489 - Category 3(A) Application.

Considering my limited work experience status, what needs to be done if there are limited adverts for such cases as mine? I’m so very depressed & tensed at the moment as to how on earth I can manipulate such things and make it favourable for me. Please help / guide me through.

‘The Labour Market of Tasmania’ portal & the unemployment rate (a mere 5.8%) proves effective and glad to note that I stand a very good chance though! Please help.

  1. With the ‘Commitment Statement for Tasmania’, I strongly believe that I have created one (the most appealing) already and this should suffice.

  2. With the ‘Financial Capacity Declaration for Tasmania’, I also believe that this shouldn’t be an obstacle, as an amount, somewhere close to 40,000 AUD can be shown as bank savings as such, somehow God willing. Kindly advise if this is fine at all.

  3. With NSW, I’ve heard from many that they prefer applicants with ‘Superior English’, to applicants with ‘Experience’! Is this a legit statement? I’m indeed hoping for a positive outcome from NSW shortly ASAP God willing. Kindly advise.

  4. Do I have to prepare the list of documents (Commitment Statement / Employability Statement / Financial Capacity Declaration) for NSW as well?

  5. (Prepared Docs - TAS & NSW) - Where Do I send them across and how, as the state websites say nothing, i.e., the address…!? Kindly advise.

  6. How easy / difficult is it, do you think for Mechanical Engineers like myself to survive in Oz land? Is it possible to consider ‘Mining Engineering - Oil & Gas, Energy & Natural Resources) once I’m there?

Someone, Kindly please respond to my questions at your earliest possible convenience.! I feel desperate to land down under ASAP.