Regarding Invitation time for NSW/Victoria 190 (75 points, ICT Security Specialist)?

Hi Andy,

I have updated my EOI with points 75 under 190 for NSW and Victoria. However, I don’t have any idea of invitation date.

Last EOI Update Date: 16th April 2018. ANZSCO Code:262112 Skill: ICT Security Specialist. Experience Points:5

Looking for your responses.

Same points and ANZSCO code as me. I’ve been waiting for NSW since 1st April 2018. Vic I received an invite to apply in March and then was subsequently rejected at the beginning of April VIC 190 Preinvite Rejected. You might have better luck than me with Vic.

Thanks for the information. Do you know why it got rejected?

Hi, I have submitted my EOI with 65 points for 189 and 70 for NSW on March 28. Did you get your invitation ?? By June I will have 5 years experience adding 5 more points which will make my 190 application 70+5. Any advice ??


Any one got invite for NSW 190 with 75 points recently?

Anyone still here in the process

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