Recruitment Consultant 223112

Hi. I have submitted my EOI under Recruitment Consultant with 60+5 points on June 15th 2017. When will I get an invite?

i’ve not seen invites for 223112 for a long time… not sure.

Hi Andy. Thank you for the reply. I read somewhere that Recruitment Consultant 223112 maybe removed from the list in January 2018. Is that true?

my guess as good as yours…

Hi Andy-MyImmi Tracker…I have applied for 223112 for NSW visa 190…I have 70 points…do I have a chance of being inivited? Will I be considered under stream 2?If so, what is the process to apply for stream 2?

its hard to say… its only stream 2 for you, therefore, hard to predict. However, i can see 2 invites in 2018 with 70 points by NSW:

@raghurai96 did you get your invite??