Received Victoria 190 pre invite on Jan 5th, test expiring in March

I am a software developer with 80 points (75+5) and got my pre invite on 5th Jan. Although, I submitted the nomination application on 10th Jan, I still have not got the approval.

Now, my PTE score is expiring in first week of March(3 years) . I have asked my consultant if we can follow-up on live in Melbourne website to expedite the nomination approval process. But he told me that they may reject the application with followup.

Also suggested me to wait before booking the next test slot as I might get an approval within next 1-2 weeks.

Please suggest on whether we should do a follow-up or book the test. I will need to score 20 points in the test in order to maintain my current score. Also, whether it will be considered for the current roi if I update my score after appearing again. In case I score less, will my existing test score get void before expiry in case I get an approval by march 1st week on the basis of that only?