What would be the real chance of my husband getting a state sponsorship to WA. He has been in the catering profession for 30 yrs, and would be looking for a head chef, catering manager role. any advice would be really appreciated as buying the visas and paying for expressions of interest cost and we don't have money to throw away.
1. Firstly check under which ANZSCO can he apply? Search for ANZSCO here 2. If you are looking for skilled immigration try to score yourself first and see if he is eligible. 3. Go through WA website to find out about the pre requisites on nomination. 4. Check the points calculator here
Thank you for this advice, I have spent many hours on-line the Australian emigration government service. and read a lot of material on what I need , I just wanted to hear from others in the same circumstances as myself and how they proceeded. Regards Jeff

Reality in the context of immigration to Australia refers to the actual state of affairs surrounding the immigration process, policies, and experiences of individuals seeking to migrate to Australia.

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