QLD 190 grant waiting group

Hi Anyone here lodged in Oct/November 2019 for QLD 190 and awaiting grant ? or received already ?

Lodged QLD 190 in April 15, still waiting for grant. And yes lots of October and November applicants have already received grants. Outrageous and unjustifiable.

Lodged on 21 November 2019. Haven’t heard anything yet.

What about your timeline?

No updates

Nothing. Does the timeline have anything to do with the state? I mean, QLD moves slower than other states. It’s frustrating. It’s been almost 10 months for me.

@somi, If we take current trend of 189 grant (10 months wait time), you should get Grant sooner than later, given DHA starts processing 190 applications. I see one Grant yesterday in immitracker for August lodgement. This wait is really frustrating given the fact that no one has clear understanding on how cases are picked. I don’t think it depends on state, me too lodged in May for NSW and waiting.

What’s your lodgement date?

The thing is, 189 processing time used to be 14 to 18 months and it changed to 11 to 13 months today. They were really behind in 189 and they are trying to catch up now. Yet, when it comes to 190, the cases are picked so randomly that applicants get really frustrated. Why move to Oct and Nov when still haven’t finished Feb to May? and even some left from Dec 2018. I am just sick of waiting.

It wouldn’t be by state though - because the state nominates you. It’s a federal application so I would think state has nothing to do with it.

Offshore lodged on the 19th of December 2019, and remains ‘received’

Onshore lodged December 2019. Still nothing here.