Private college / Education Points question

Hello there.

Regarding Express Entry Skilled Worker:

Have any of you guys applied using a private college diploma/certificate for the Canadian Education points?

A few friends have gone to a private school that is DLI (Designated Learning Institution) But is not eligible for the post work graduation permit.

When applying for the PR, they were asked if their school was operating under the same requirements of a public school, to which they answered yes.

According to 3 different immigration consultants, as long as the school is a DLI it is eligible for the points. they called IRCC office and were told there was no indication in the PR guide on why the school wouldn’t be eligible, but that it as a grey area.

Now, these friends have been waiting for the PPR for around 8 months. They contacted a new consultant who said that if the school is not eligible for PGWP, then it doesn’t operate under the requirements of a public school therefore it’s not eligible for the education points under express entry. According to this person, the applicants are just waiting to get a denial.

Do you guys have any insight on this?

Hi, could you share any update on your friends’ PR application?