PCC resubmission request

Dear Mamber’s, I have been contacted by the CO in November 2019 for resubmitting the PCC for me and for my wife because I have submitted the PCC with my application (2 nos. PPC one from INDIA and one from UAE) but they are requesting for last 10 years from INDIA as well for 12 months as calculated cumulatively as I visited India several times during ten years.

Secondly, I have initially submitted the PCC issued by the State Police from Punjab INDIA and PCC from UAE federal police department for me and my wife.

Now, as they requested me to submitted the PCC again then I have applied the PCC in Embassy of INDIA in Abu Dhabi-UAE and uploded in Immi account within 5 days of request but this PCC did mentioned any particular time frame ( mean covering period)

is this be acceptable by CO or he will be reject the case,

I am waiting for the grant and many thing floating in the mind

PCC does not have an expiration date, internally (MEA) for Indian PCC, the “validity” is two (02) years, however, in terms of immigration to Australia, Australian Immigration officers usually ask for a new one if the PCC is 12 months or older, than the date of issue. Some countries, only accept a PCC if it is less than 6 months old.

If the CO is not satisfied by your PCC, they may ask again, or continue processing your visa taking into consideration what you have uploaded.