NSW 222311 Financial Adviser 65 + 5 awaiting invite

NSW 222311 Financial Adviser 65 + 5 awaiting invite
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Hi, I do not have any knowledge about the courses you have mentioned but I can say that Vetassess only assesses experience and not qualifications. So if your husband is doing a job for which he is putting an application, it shud be good. All the best !

Other members please correct me if I am wrong.


Thank you yellow_hulk for the quick response. The vetassess website states the following so I am a little confused…

VETASSESS full skills assessment involves assessing your qualifications and employment against the suitability of your nominated occupation. Qualification assessment involves assessing the educational level comparability of your qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and determining relevance of your qualifications for your nominated occupation. Employment assessment involves determining whether your work experience (obtained either in Australia or overseas) is at an appropriate skill level and relevant to your nominated occupation. https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/general-occupations/application-process

In the UK to work as a financial advisor you are required to hold a UK diploma in financial advice (UK level 4) and you can work toward chartered status with a UK advanced diploma (UK level 6, equivalent to a bachelors degree here). My boyfriend already has a bachelors degree, in business and economics and additionally has the diploma in financial planning (UK level 4).

I think where the confusion comes in is that 222311 falls into Group B, for which vetassess state the following:

Group B Skills Assessment Criteria: Qualification(s) assessed at AQF Bachelor degree or higher degree with a highly relevant field of study and at least one year of post-qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years;

Or Qualification(s) assessed at AQF Bachelor degree or higher degree with an additional qualification at least Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma level in a highly relevant field of study and at least two years of post qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years;

Or Qualification(s) assessed at AQF Bachelor degree or higher degree without a highly relevant field of study and at least three years of post-qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years;

Essentially I’m trying to determine what they class as highly relevant field of study for this role. It would be really helpful to understand what qualifications others who have had successful assessments hold please?

Thanks again,



Hey yellow_hulk,

I have received my Vetassess with negative outcome. I am not sure why this has happened because my experience is highly relevant but could be they may have not understood. I have experience in the valuation of the investment portfolios. I may have not shown it properly hence they say that the experience is not highly relevant. I will be doing the reassessment but want to make sure I do it properly. Your advice will be highly appreciated. I can connect offline as well, if you prefer.



Hi @whitewhale, do you mind sharing your qualifications? Thanks and best of luck for the reassessment! Lisa


@Lisat89 i guess u r right. They will assess the education credentials and see if they are comparable to australian standards and points out of 20 will be based on that. What is the score coming to now?

@whitewhale : Valuation of portfolios is a completely different occupation when compared to a Financial Investment Adviser. A financial investment adviser will sell appropriate financial products to their clients and manage their portfolio. Please try applying for other relevant occupations. I am not sure but I guess a Finance Manager occupation might auit your role. Please check the entire CSOL for the closest occupation and reapply. All the best !


@Lisat89 MBA in Finance.


Hello, I have applied for SC190 NSW with Web Developer - ANZSCO 261212 yesterday. Total score is 80 (including ss)

Need help in understanding whether I am qualified for NSW Stream 2 or not and what are the chances of getting an invite. Note: my skill is not there in NSW priority list, however, it is there in STSOL. PS: couldn’t find any info related to my skill (web developer) at immi tracker

Appreciate any help!


Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. I just submitted my EOI with 65+5 points under financial adviser. How long do you think will i take? Also, are there any specific dates of the month when NSW sends invites?

Any advice is appreciated


Hello all, I am looking to apply for NSW stream 2 for Financial investment advisor

I am MBA in marketing(India) with 9 years of relevant experience.

How much points can I get for work experience? Will vetasses deduct any years from my work experience?

My points may be 70+5

What may be chances???


If your occupation is not on NSW list but on CSOL then u r eligible for NSW stream 2.


Vetassess will deduct 1 year of your experience


@bluesea8023 Hi did you lodge your application? And do you know if an EV employer verification happens or not after lodging? Just so that I can inform my ex employers about it.


Hi !I’ve lodged on May 9th.Haven’t received any EV yet. Hope there will not be an EV. And I need to pay VAC2 ,still waiting. until now there is no CO assigned. What’s your status now?


NSW seems to invite from Feb -May since 2016


Hi Guys

the new NSW 2019 List has come through and obviously does not have financial investment adviser on it. Are we sure that it is still on stream 2 or do we know if it has been taken off?



@bluesea8023 Hi I lodged on Jun 29th and waiting now. What is VAC2? I have made the visa payment.Hoping for the best and all the best to you too. Any update?

@samk U need to check the consolidated occupation list CSOL. If any occupation is present on CSOL its eligible for stream 2 for NSW.


Hi Guys

Looks like the stream 2 is no longer available in NSW, so all hopes are shattered.Does anyone know if they are inviting people with very high points?



Hi Samk,

How do you know its not available? Is there any article or site saying the same?


There used to be an option of stream 2 on the NSW page which is no longer there, I called NSW immigration and they confirmed it has been removed.


Hi yellow_hulk,

VAC2 is an orientation program for the de facto partner. Usually asked if CO functional isn’t convinced on functional english requirements.

I lodged on May 1st and received an assessment commence e-mail on August 21st, nothing else. Have you been contacted, EV or any other update?