Nova scotia November 19

anybody submitted application for intake nov 19 , and received a Case identification number?! And how long ?!

Did you apply through NS Express Entry? Maybe you are referring to UCI number?

Thank you Andy, I have received my case identification number on 4 Dec, and I received that message : Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) Application - 3546** This is to acknowledge receipt of your application under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream on November 27, 2019. Your application has passed our completeness check and will now be placed in the queue for assessment. Your application ID is 3546**. Please refer to this number when corresponding with the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. If there is anything that requires further information/clarification, a Nova Scotia Nominee Program Officer may be in touch with you.

So how long does it Takes to receive my Ita number ?!
And I applied my proof of funds with gift deed, do you think that will be successful ?!