No CO Contact yet!

My lodgement date is 26th Sept 2019 and i have not received even a single CO contact till date. My Occupation is Software Engineer and i stay in India.

Anyone in the same situation or anyone who have received the CO Contact or grant with the same conditions which i mentioned above?

Regards, abdi

Same occupation and same situation. Lodged in August 2019. No co contact. May be it is because of I have uploaded all the required documents.

Yours is not a unique case. There are many like you who have been waiting for over a year now without any CO contacts. We can say, it might be due to COVID. Have this pandemic might not have been there, you might have got a CO contact or maybe a Direct Grant by now, you never know! The processing times for 189/190/491 have skyrocketed post pandemic. Wish you luck!