Newborn (Canadian) before PPR

Newborn (Canadian) before PPR


Hey folks,

I applied on Express Entry through CEC and my wife was pregnant when we applied. My family and I are already in Canada.

  • Jan 3rd, 2019 - my daughter was born in Canada

  • Jan 28th - I received the PPR

Do I need to update the CIC about the newborn? I am not sure since she was born in Canada and she is already a Canadian citizen…


It will not impact your application because Canadians are not considered as Applicants (I had same case, but my daughter was born by the time I started submitting application). However, you should send email to that email id who sent you PPR request stating that you have new born baby (Canadian) and not required to include in the application. They may ask for proof of citizenship of your baby (may be Birth certificate or passport).