Motor Mechanic

hi I am a general motor mechanic with 65 points. Can anyone tell me how my chances are right now. always run into a capcha problem here. maybe some can take a screenshot for me thanks

For Motor Mechanic in NSW sc190 chances are high. I have few mates who had been invited in the past 2-3 years.

do you have any idea how long it approximately will take as a german after nsw nominated me (standard processing time 6 weeks) and finally with 70 points. Would be so nice to know a bit at least, like 3 month or 1.5 years?? thanks.

Nomination processing times (Pre invite is 6weeks)

Current 190 visa processing times are (8-10months) However, some are getting PR in 3-4 months if occupation is in high demand and submit complete application with all documents including medicals and PCC.

If you are considering immigrating to Australia as a motor mechanic, it’s important to understand the immigration process and requirements specific to your occupation.

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