Medicals Extension - FSW Express Entry

Hi All

By the time I get the PPR request, and get the COPR stamped, it would approximately be around 11 months. At present, I only have received the RPRF request, and have paid the fee.

Since, travel is ruled out in a short notice, is it possible to get an extension on the Medicals? My Medicals were done in the month of May 2019, and will expire this year. We plan to travel only by December of this year for the soft landing.

Please advise.

No issues doing the landing procedure. You are good.

Hi Andy

Do I need my Medicals to be in active state, and please tell me how much time do we get from the COPR to a mandatory landing?

should I get an extension for my Medicals? we are not in a position to travel till November or Dec of this year.

Please advise