Medical laboratory Scientist 189 invite

Hello everyone I have received my invite on 11 sep and now I am preparing to lodge my file with in 60 days. I have all the documents with me to support my EOI. The issue i me and my wife`s passports are struck in Canadian embassy due to lock down as we have applied for our tourist visa in February. We have wrote many emails tried every possible mean to contact but in vain. Now the medicals and PCC cannot be done without the original passports. Can we submit the application within 60 days and later upload the PCC and medicals when our passports will be available with us.

Will doing the same will hamper the decision of the case officer or it will be fine to do the same.


You can submit the application. You will be provided a HAP ID which you can use to schedule your health assessment when you are able to do so. It will not have any adverse effect on your application, but will obviously delay the decision until you supply it.

Thank you so much for the info and ppc can also be updated later as our passports are not with us they are struck at canadian embassy and till further info no clue when wr get it back

The question about PCC also permits you to upload evidence of intent to obtain a PCC. You could upload a completed PCC application form for example with a note indicating you are awaiting return of your passport to submit it.

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Thank you so much i upload the pcc form which generated from passport seva website and will also mention that the passports are not with us as of now as soon as its available we upload the complete pcc … and one more thing the documents we be uploading while lodging the application those copies should be attested or unattested scan copies will also be fine