Medical Automatically extended after PFL

AOR: June 8th, 2019, FSW-Outland USA. I did my Medical on May 3rd, 2019. I got PFL in early February 2020. I was given 7days to respond, responded before the deadline May 28th, 2020: My profile changed to “You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes.” June 4th, 2020: My profile now reads “June 2, 2020. You passed the medical exam.” And I DID NOT REDO my medical.

I just spoke with CIC agent and I was told my Eligibility has been Met but they are still running a Background check on me but a final decision has not been made.

My question: Does that mean my application will soon be approved? I’m just worried because of the PFL I received.

Same with me…but my medical still show do not need medical exam…i passed this on 19 oct 2019 and that time shows you have passed medical exam…but now do not need medical exam! What should i do bro?