Dear All,

I would like to seek feedback or any inputs that would help me understand where do I stand in terms of my application processing: ITA : Mar 6 2019 E-AOR: Mar 14 2019 Medicals Passed: Apr 23 2019 ***Additional documents requested: RCMP Criminal Check (Finger Prints)

**RCMP Letter uploaded on Apr 29 2019

Since then I have no update on my application. Here are my questions:

i) How do we know - centre where the application is being processed or about the vo? ii) Any specific time range for the update after uploading the RCMP doc? iii) My friends have similar profile as mine no different only single applicant, lived only in canada and applied through CEC but they did not got RCMP request. Why is that - any idea? iv) NO Ghost updates or whatever on my profile so what is my status IP1 or IP2 or Final IP3? v) Do I need to call IRCC to ask them if they received my document that I uploaded? (I tried calling them for past few days but had no luck - the systems says high volume of calls and cannot transfer)

I sincerely appreciate your suggestions/advise/replies. Please share your experience as it will help me a lot and others who may are in same situation.

Thank you!

I’ve been stuck in the same status too. Just leaving a comment here to get notified if somebody has any responses. Thanks!