June2019 AOR - New Delhi office is pretty slow

Anyone still in June 2019 AOR? Paid the RPRF Fee in Feb, nothing till date. Got a medical assessment again(2nd time) got it done in September. The processing is taking forever now. The New Delhi office is pathetic in responding, I have in all written 4 emails since my AOR in June 2019. They have not responded once, pretty sick.

Have you tried calling IRCC to ask what’s going on? When my application was being processed I called the IRCC number and they were really helpful. If you use Skype or some other IP phone service you can dial as if you were in Canada. You’ll have to wait on hold for ages but worth it if they give you some information. If it’s of interest here’s an overview of the journey our application went through and a bit more about calling IRCC:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. Can you kindly share the latest IRCC customer service number if you have it handy?

I will try calling today, let me also look up online.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. The number as per their website is: 1-888-242-2100.

Did you get through to them?

No worries at all, tried several times, was unable to get through. But, can anyone please tell me what might be holding up the express entry application this long apart from the COVID situation?

We had to redo the Medicals since they are valid for a year, and it’s been two months since we completed the Medicals. Plus paid RPRF in February. It’s puzzling really to put us through this wait, without a clear explanation.