January 2020 Express Entry Processing Time report

Processing time trends and patterns report:

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Statuses by months: The processing time is roughly 7-8 months as of now on average. Although recently the processes have picked up quite a bit. [​IMG]

Statuses by month for CEC *Quite fast processing time as per the numbers. [​IMG]

Statuses by month for FSW-I: *Progressing quite well too. [​IMG]

Statuses by months for FSW-O: *This is by far the largest category, and as of now the fastest. [​IMG]

Statuses by months for OBP-I: *PNP is the slowest category. [​IMG]

Statuses by months for PNP-O: *The current trend is PNP-O picking up the pace and PPR tend to come faster than previously in 2019. [​IMG] Source: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/consolidated-e-apr-tracker-express-entry-permanent-residency-application/analytics/statuses-by-months-of-submission

Average MEAN processing time: *Good decline from August/Sep/Oct times. [​IMG]

Average MEDIAN processing time: *Just to cross-check the numbers and compare. [​IMG]

Average MODE processing time: *Finally, average mode processing time. All positive. [​IMG]

Applicants by Stream: Quite a large share of PNPs here too. [​IMG]

Average by nationality: *Usual list of countries with very long processing time.Interestingly, recently, Israel started to be very slow. [​IMG]

Average processing time by Province: *There is a definitely trend for pnp-s to pick up the pace, we can see reduction in average processing time across all provinces, but Manitoba, MB is still slow. [​IMG]

Average by VO: *HK seem to be the slowest. Rome, Montreal. Rest are somewhat similar. [​IMG]

Average processing time across all streams: *We can see there is an obvious trend in processing time being faster. With 165 days on average. [​IMG]

PPRs by VISA OFFICE: *90% of PPRs are issued by Ottawa and Sydney, meaning prcessing had been consolidated in CA pretty much. [​IMG]

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