Issues regarding dates in Police Clearance Certificates

I am from Pakistan, currently living in Karachi, Pakistan. I lived in Chengdu from 9th April 2015 till 10th April 2017 accompanying my husband (an armed forces officer) who was working with an aviation company on government project during those 2 years. We traveled on official gratis passports which we had to submit back to military when we returned to our home country. Those passports were cancelled and discarded by the military once they expired in Feb 2018.

Before we finally left Chengdu, we applied for Police Clearance Certificates from Chengdu Notary Public Office. We received our certificates on 30th March 2017. Dates on our certificates are 20th April 2015 till 27th March 2017.

I have applied for immigration to Canada and therefore we require Police Clearance Certificates for that purpose. Now, we are facing following issues :

  1. We don’t have original official passports with us, on which we actually travelled to Chengdu. They have been destroyed by my husband’s organization as per government rules. However, we do have photocopies and scanned images of all entry / exit stamps and visas.

  2. We do have original PCCs with us, but the dates of our stay mentioned in those certificates are slightly shorter than our actual stay according to the first entry and final exit stamps on our passports (i.e. 9th April 2015 entry – 10th April 2017 exit).

  3. The PCCs were issued 11 days (on 30th March 2017) before we finally left China (on 10th April 2017). Whereas, Canadian Immigration authorities require that the PCCs should be issued AFTER our last stay.

Above in view, advice is solicited as to what are our options and any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Best regards.

try not only they are assisting in PCC but also assisting in WES IQAS ICAS ECA Canada , mofa and embassiess attestation. nadra birth marriage certificates translation from pakistan. i ve tried them recently during pandemic as overseas pakistani based in UAE and was able to get my work done quiet reasonably (then others). highly recommended.

Thankyou Mr Hashim. I have tried establishing contact with that staff. I have got a reply from them saying they can only help with PCCs from Karachi. Apparently, they cannot help with PCCs from China. But still, I am in contact with them to explore more options. I appreciate your help. Regards.