Issue date for PCC to make it valid

RULE: From CIC site for PCC date, “For countries in which the applicant no longer resides, the police certificate must have been issued after the last time the applicant stayed in that country for 6 months or more in a row .”

Question: Does PCC data needs to cover last day of stay in some foreign country OR it should cover last 6+stay in a row in the foreigh country (doesn’t need to cover some short stay).

Case: I stayed in say some Foreign country X in 2015 for 1year. I got a PCC in 2018 from Country X. Again I travelled to country X for 2 days in 2019. My last 6months+ in a row ends in 2016. PCC isued in 2018 covers 2016. So is that PCC good or PCC must cover even 2 days trip to that country??

Thanks I am confused with above statement for months now. So any comments of people how they interpret this rule will be appreciated. Please share what you understand from reading above RULE.

Thanks for your time.