Invitation score requirement for Business professional background

Invitation score requirement for Business professional background


I wanted to get your insight and see if i am making a mistake on my application. Currently i have '411’ points.

I have a friend who has lower score than me but he got provincial invitation and his PR card as well. Although he did apply for it through a lawyer where as i just created my profile on CIC website and submitted all information myself. Which makes me think i might have done a mistake somewhere.

Some background information about me: I have graduated with bachelors and masters degree from USA in Business field, and have been working here for past 6 years. I am 31 years old and have brother who is Canadian as well.

My score in IELTS was Speaking: 8,Listening:9,Writing:6.5, Reading:6.5

With my total score coming upto ‘411’. Below is detailed score mentioned on the immigration website, i have taken out all categories which mention ‘0’

Human capital

CRS - Human Capital - Age 90

CRS - Human Capital - Level of Education 126

CRS - Human Capital - First Official Language Proficiency 108

Spouse Criteria Score

CRS - Spouse - Level of Education 8

CRS - Spouse - First Official Language Proficiency 14

Skill transferability

CRS - Skill Transferability - Education 25

CRS - Skill Transferability - Foreign Work Experience 25


CRS - Additional - PR or Canadian Sibling 15

Is 411 good enough to get provincial nomination? How do i get provincial nomination? I have just created profile on CIC website and nothing else. Do i need to take another IELTS exam?

Additionally on my previous IETLS exam,i got all 7’s and 6.5 on writing, since my new one had 8 and 9 in two categories i used the new IETLS score on the website instead my old one.

Your help and input is appreciated.


Hi I have understood few things hope this helps

  • You must get 8 or above for IELTS speaking , reading ,listening and 7 or above for writting . Below that reduces points . I got 8.5 & 8 , 8 nad writting 6.5 and had to resit. Then i got 8.5,8.5,8 and writting 7.

  • I have a sibling in Canada

  • Also MBA and 34 years

I got 455 or something … surprisingly DID NOT get sibling points due to a technical issue . But i got the invitation from the next draw .

So if you need to get more points you MUST get your IELTS marks… like above

Hope this helps