Invitation for 190 visa

Invitation for 190 visa
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Hi I currently have 70 points in my EOI . Recently got Inivation for 190 visa from NSW .But I am interested in going for 189 visa instead of NSW state sponsorship .

My query is Will my 189 visa effected if I declined if accept this or rejected this Nsw invitation?? I have only 12 days to accept my 190 for NSw and I am running out of time .

What happens if I simply ignore 190 Visa and wait for 189 invitation. Should I email them and inform the same.

Will I get any more 190 visa in future from NSW if I declined this .

Guys please respond .I am totally confused and frustrated regarding this and I don’t know whom should I contact regarding this except this forum

Thanks in advance and I look forward for response from anyone of us


According to my agent, the lapse will not affect other EOIs


This Means I can go ahead and Ignore the 190 Invitation of NSW .

Can I Re-apply again if I change my Mind in Future


Hi, can you please share your details like date of EOI lodge, points in 189 & 190 and your occupation. it will really help me to analyze my situation. Thanks in advance.