Info sharing still says In Progress

Hey everyone,

I applied for PR and submitted my online application on 9th March 2020. The application is still in progress and the reason I found out from GCMS is that Info Sharing: In Progress.

Does anyone have any idea how long that could take?

Thank you!

Same with me as well. I guess info sharing is required if you have applied to visas for USA, UK, CAN, AUS, or NZ in the past. I ordered my GCMS notes a few weeks ago and noticed that they had done checks for AUS and NZ, while the US check was pending approval. I believe this is the time when your travel history plays a role in how long they take to process your application. My AOR date is 24 Mar 2021. Because of Info Sharing, Criminality won’t be complete till Info Sharing is completed. I’m hoping that they process these things soon.

Did u guys eventually got PR

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