Importance of Date in Proof of Funds Bank Letter

Hi Everyone

I have three queries regarding the Proof of Funds (Bank Certificate) letter:

a) On the date of submission of my eAPR, the funds were above the cutoff limit in my account and same was also mentioned as current balance in my PoF letter. However, the average monthly balance that was written by bank in the letter was lower than the cut off limit. I will ensure that the funds will stay higher than cut off limit in the respective account for sure in coming time. Does the 6th month average low balance will negative impact my application ?

b) There was no set format for PoF letter and as such as I had drafted the letter on my own and had included all the details that are required by CIC and my bank was kind enough to issue me that. However, I did not mentioned per month balance like July '18 - X, Aug '18 - Y… and so on. Instead, I had mentioned the average 6 month balance as one amount (single line). I had also attached a bank statement for last 8 months. I hope it will be okay ? In some of other forums I had read that they need it month wise and then a summary line of average balance. Please advise.

c) What date does CIC considers while evaluating availability of funds in the account. Is it Day of creation of express entry profile or day of ITA issuance or day of eAPR form submission.

Please help me with your valuable inputs in all the above cases as I am bit nervous to know if I should add any other LoE to my already submitted eAPR through webform method (as advised by CIC), or I should not be worried at all. Thanks.

I think you’re overthinking a little bit. The reason they ask for the history is so that they can track how you’ve acquired those funds, as borrowing the money from someone else is not allowed. If there are any large sum deposits on your account over the past 6 months, you’ll have to explain to them where they came from on an LOS. You are only required to have a sum of money above the cut-off limit on the day you apply. The CIC website also mentions you should have those funds “when (if) we issue you the visa”, but they won’t ask you for POF again, and there is no way for them to know what your current account balance is. That just means they wanna know that you didn’t borrow the money.

Hii… Like if my parents have been depositing money in my savings account and as I was asked to update funds …so sudden deposit of funds …?? So what’s the thing…