Immigration consultants/lawyers

Immigration consultants/lawyers


Has anyone used services of immigration consultants or lawyers? Is it worth the payments? Any agency that someone can recommend from personal experience?


No it does not worth it, I have hired a consultant and my application was rejected because of his mistake. I lost one year of my life preparing documents, submitting the application and waiting IRCC answer for nothing. My point is the lawyer will make you do all the efforts and he will upload the documents for you only. Also you will be blind, you will not be able to check your applications status because the consultant will be the only one who can access your profile. You need to read and read and read others’ experiences for how to prepare the documents and how to arrange them and you will save a lot of money. At the end, it is your decision. Ofcourse there are good lawyers who can guide you thru the process but for me when I started my second application by myself, I discovered that it is an easy process and I found all my enquirers in internet.