Immi assessment Commence email

Immi assessment Commence email


Hi All,

I joined the forum today and this is my first post. I applied for SC189 on 8th may,2017 as a primary applicant and my husband as dependent. We received an email on 27th June,2017 with subject line Immi Assessment Commence without requesting for additional documents. Application status is still in Received. Does this means it will take long time for grant? What does this mail mean?

Feedbacks will be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards, Pallavi


Same for me as well Applied 22nd June 2017 and got immi assessment commence email on 11th July and application status still received status. I have applied for 190. Keep me posted the further status if you get anything to me.


Hello and welcome!

The e-mail assessment commence does not signify much, it just stating the fact the work has began on your case, however, the request from CO may come or may not come at all.

The CO request usually comes if the application is not complete, i.e. missing PCC, Medicals or any other documents.

The assessment commence e-mail does not delay processing at all.

All the best.


it seems the cases received this mail will take more time the mail say´╝ÜThis letter confirms that your application is progressing and has been allocated for further processing. I think there is additional thing to be confirmed