immi acknowledgement document received

Hi guys, My lodgement date was on Dec 26, I’m under Visa 190 program, on Jul 23(after 7 months from lodge) I received an acknowledgement letter from GSM Adelaide, it says that they’ve received my documents, Did they send you such an acknowledgment letter before granting you the visa? as I know I uploaded all the necessary documents, how long do you think it might take me to get the visa ?Almost all of the people who lodged with me in Dec 2018 got their visa after 7 months any Idea ?(I will keep you posted)

Hi Dear Guys, I’ve contacted the GSM through feedback and the suggestion tab in my profile, as you can see it’s been 11 months since I lodged, and here is their answer:

Dear Mr Rostami

I am writing to you today in response to a Global Feedback Unit (GFU) enquiry you made on 26 November 2019 regarding the processing of an application for a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.

The Feedback Case number is IMMI-(personal :slight_smile: ) Please quote this number in any further enquiries relating to this matter.

In your feedback you have expressed concern regarding the time taken to process your application for a subclass 190 visa, which was lodged on 26 December 2018.

You have stated that the time taken to process your application has moved beyond the published processing times and you have requested a review of your application.

The Department recognises that where the time taken to process an application exceeds average processing times this can cause applicants concern. However, once a visa application is allocated, processing times for individual applications do vary depending on individual circumstances.

This can include the time required to verify supporting documentation. Verification processes are an essential part of maintaining the integrity of the skilled visa program.

I can advise that the application remains under assessment, however I cannot advise when it will be finalised. The Department may contact you if further documents are required, or if a decision is made on the application.

The Department is committed to service improvement and your feedback provides us with information to help improve the quality of our services. I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide the Department with this feedback.


Business Support Officer, Skilled Program Delivery SA (GSM)

Skilled and Family Visa Program Branch | Immigration and Programs Division

Immigration and Settlement Services Group

Department of Home Affairs