IELTS score expiry with regards to e-APR

I received ITA on 14 March. My score was 459. I submitted the documents on 4 April through the online system and paid the fee online(e-APR). My query is with regards to the IELTS Score. The validity of my current IELTS score is until 30 April 2018. Do I need to give IELTS exam all over again?

Appreciate your feedback thank you.

I think you don’t need to take IELTS again, because once the e-APR is submitted the language results is locked in at that date.

I am in a similar situation, because my wife’s IELTS (which by the way is not the Principal Applicant, but I don’t think it matters) will expire soon and I have not yet gotten PPR and my lawyer said she needs not to take again the IELTS to refresh the result once expired if no PPR gotten until her results expires. However, this is just an opinion.

I hope it helps.

Hi @bimale4bipeople,

I am in same situation as yours for IELTS. Please reply… have your process completed smoothly without IELTS ?