Ielts clb8 for Nova Scotia

I received this email from Nova Scotia

[22/12, 1:25 p.m.] mahmoud abujazr: The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) is in the process of assessing your application made to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) Labour Market Priorities Stream.

In order to continue processing your application the following additional information is required:


NSOI is not satisfied that you have a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 8 or higher in English or French in all language abilities as demonstrated by providing results from a language test approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, as required for this stream. Your writing results on the IELTS submitted with your application demonstrate a CLB 7. Please provide new official language results that demonstrate criteria is met.

Legal Status

Please provide proof of valid legal status for you, your spouse and child in Saudi Arabia.

Adaptability/Intention to Settle

Do you have any active immigration applications with any other Provinces in Canada? If yes, please explain. Do you have any connections to Nova Scotia? Are you aware of licensing requirements that are required for you to become a licensed registered nurse in Nova Scotia (

When submitting the information please quote your name and file #354634. The requested information may be submitted via the online portal in which you submitted your application to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration or via email.

Should you fail to submit the requested information by December 23, 2019, or if it is determined you do not meet eligibility requirements of this stream, a recommendation will be made to refuse your application and your file will be closed.

If your situation changes and you choose to reapply to the NSNP, we would be happy to assess your new application with the eligibility criteria in place at that time.


Unfortunately I didn’t get clb 8 for over all but I got 6.5 in writing but I have less in speaking so it’s not overall clb 8

So can they just Accept my new result for writing only or it should be for all bands ?! And there is any chance to give me more time to retake the exam again after that date in the email or Not ?!