How to call CIC/IRCC and what to ASK?

Download Text now app and create an account . Chose canada area code eg 647

1- then dail 18882422100

2- English press 1

3- immigration press 1

4- transfer to citizenship and imm can processing application press 1

5- status or processing times press 1

6- become permanent resident press 2

7- application starts with E press 2

8- then enter application number followed by #

9- listen to the entered number and press 1 to confirm

10- enter the year of birth and then listen the entered number and press 1 to confirm

11- hear the details

12- then press 1 to check status (there will be a pause)

13- hear detailed status at the end press 0 to speak to agent

What is my Visa Office? Is Eligibility Passed? When? Is Security Passed? When? Is Criminality Passed? When? What is the status of Background Check?

Hi called CIC today My eligibility , security and background check has been passed

I have been granted extension for medicals on 17th. When can final decision be expected? My AOR is April25th,2019.