How to apply for an Australian passport for a Child born in Australia to Permanent Residents?

  1. Upon birth of child the hospital will hand you a parent pack which will contain a form. This form will have two parts i) Birth Registration Application ii) Birth Certificate Application

  2. Fill it out immediately and head over to the Births Deaths & Marriages office nearby and apply in person. take 3 forms of ID of the Birth Mother (Passport, Medicare Card, Photo ID) and of course your IDs as well in case Mother and child are not accompanying you

  3. Now at the counter I insisted that I would like to apply for an Express BC and pick it up in person, but the person straight away refused and said that for NewBorn Child Birth Certificate it is not possible to have Express BC as it has to go through the Birth Registration process and the standard processing time is 10 days + 6 days for Postage of the certificate.

  4. While you are waiting for your child’s BC get the next steps in order i.e. ‘Evidence of Australian Citizenship’. Your child must be 2 weeks of age by now so you should start thinking about getting a passport photo taken. I used a digital camera at home and lay the child on a white sheet and trial and error with my wife got me to get the correct shot. there are a whole lot of videos on youtube of how to take passport photos of new borns .I opted to take it at home as it is a hassle to go over to the photo shop and get a good snap.( distress for the child as well as the mother). Once picture taken get the prints from any good photo shop.

  5. Lodge your online application for the ‘Evidence of Australian Citizenship’ at website . Start filling up the application with all the information you have available and SAVE it. Download a copy of the 1195 (Identity Declaration) form and try approaching the Hospital , Doctor (GP) ,Registered Nurse to have it endorsed for you baby as they are the only ones who have known your baby since birth. Scan this completed 1195 form as you will have to attach it to your online application along with scanned passport photos. Submit your application and wait for Evidence of Citizenship Certificate

  6. While waiting head over to any AUS Post shop and get a blank form for Child Passport Application, and start filling it up with all the available information. You will need a guarantor to endorse this for you as well , but this time it can by any Australian Citizen, even your neighbor who has known the child since birth, (they do not have to be of a special occupation)

  7. If you are in a hurry try for priority processing of passport, they will require consent of both parents with a witness. Submit application at Auspost and opt for passport PICK UP and not postage

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The identity requirement is that they know the applicant for an year in the 1195 form.

In section 3, it states that " I declare that I have known (full name of the applicant who is applying for citizenship) for _____ year(s) and vouch for his/her identity".

If the baby is only 2 weeks off, can they sign it off declaring they know the applicant for an year?