Have 489 visa grants been halted?

Can anybody confirm if 489s have reached their ceiling/quota for 2019.

An agent mentioned that Australia has reached its maximum number of 489 grants for the year and won’t be issuing any more. I really hope this is not true.

Looking at the 489 tracker, and other related forums, it seems that there are very few grants lately.

There have been no grants listed on the tracker for applications lodged after November 2018.

i called and checked with homeaffairs, they said the 489 visa processing is still live !

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Hey guys, I lodged 102 days ago SA 489 chef how long you Been waiting

SA, 127 days.

SA, 125 days…I dont see any movement on the tracker, this month there have been just two grants for SA 489

@RNB, yes, it seems to be on pause. Nothing happening on 489s.

This is of great concern.

If anyone reading this is using an agent, please ask them if they are in contact with immigration and can give us some feedback on this. We are getting very anxious.

Does anybody have any inside info or agent feedback on the state of 489 grants?

No idea about when it will happen! Have lodged in Nov 2018 and have no information beyond. Can any one share some information! Looking forward to hear as am having serious concerns regarding VISA 489 processes.

Hello there. Been waiting for more than 200 days for 489 SA visa? Got worried. Please share your idea on what is going on.

I think they have stopped for a while but will start soon as July is a busy month for them.

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Is there a way I can contact them from offshore? Please help.

Thanks a ton. In September, 489 visa is going to be replaced by new visa type 491 with more stringent conditions. If I am provided with the 489 visa, will these changes affect me?

No you cannot contact them directly for the visa purpose. They have a static answer for all.

I had checked with one of my brother who is in Brisbane, he informed me that due to elections and change in visa conditions there are delays in visa grants in July. He also said that they will start the process by next month in full swing. Lets hope for best if it happens.

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Thanks again.

I am a basic user of ImmiTracker. I tried to look for occupations and their cut off points for 189, 190 and 489 visas.

Could you please help me?