Got invitation from NSW 190 for ICT PM

Hi Friends,

I have submitted my EOI for state sponsorship 190 for ICT PM in January 2022 points including SS 75. However, my PTE 10 points has been expired in June 2022.

Yesterday 15th Feb 2023, I have received an invite from NSW. Please suggest if I can hope for grant or they will reject my case because of English test not valid now and points have been already reduced to 65 including SS.


It’s crucial to remember that judgments about immigration are unique to each individual and are susceptible to change. Since your PTE points have expired and your total points, including state sponsorship, have dropped to 65, it can have an impact on the outcome of your application. In the end, it is subject to the particular regulations and judgment of the New South Wales (NSW) authorities. To explore your position and how it could affect your application, it is advised that you speak with a registered migration agent or NSW directly. Based on your situation, they will be able to offer accurate and current information.