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My GCMS Notes say MET MEDICAL: ALL VALID Summary Notes: Criminality not passed Review Required: edoc#01 Ready to finalize

Can anyone tell me what this means ? There should be nothing wrong with my Police certificate (No charges, ordered it after i left AUS and correct type of certificate) - why would it go for review should i be worried? Or does ready to finalize mean they have approved it ? PLEASE HELP :frowning:

I have asked my colleague to respond to your query. He will follow up shortly.

Hi, this means that your file has been assessed and is awaiting a final review by the visa officer. Once it is reviewed by the officer, a final decision will be made. Good luck!


In the Notes section of my GCMS, it shows that on November 1st 2019, JM18909’s recommendation was recommend pass MI3 A11.2: Met R75:FSW Minimum Requirements - Appears Met R76: Selection Criteria - FSW Points/Funds: Appears Met FSW points total: 73 Ready to Finalize RPRF: Complete

However, there have been no further updates on my application.

Can you please guide me as to what the note meant?

Hi, Need help too regarding my notes

What do you advice me to do please ?