FSW Inland Application - Proof of Funds - Gift Deed

I’d like to have a honest opinion/thoughts/views on my case -

I came to Canada as a student back in Dec. 2018. I had my savings of around 16,000.00 CAD which got spent on my tuition and necessities in the past 2 years. I have 2 siblings, both PR. My brother lives in Ontario and my sister lives in Vancouver. I’m also in Vancouver. Now, other than my own savings of 16,000.00 CAD spent on my tuition, my sister also spent another 15,000.00 CAD on my tuition. My tuition was around 31,000.00 CAD. She also gave me a gift of 5,000.00 CAD, 6 months back, in Feb. 2020 out of her love and care, just for fun. Now, I’m submitting my FSW EE Inland Application (score 996), and I don’t have any funds left of my own as explained above, so from an immigration officer’s view point, does it make sense to take a gift (gift deed) of 13,000.00 CAD from my siblings combined, as they have been financially supportive of me in the past 2 years, and as explained, my sister has already spent over 20,000.00 CAD on me so far, so I guess it’ll be easy for me to convince an immigration officer that this gift (gift deed) of 13,000.00 CAD for my PoF is indeed sincere/genuine/irrevocable, as my siblings have been financially supporting me since I’ve been in Canada as a student. Please share your experiences/thoughts/opinions.