FSW 8 months + GCMS ordered delayed by 90 days

Hi Y’all

It’s been about 9 months nearly, since the AOR. The only status update on my profile is both the Medicals and the Biometrics are complete. The profile says no interview is needed, nor any additional documents. The background check is in progress(forever now)

I have a US masters, and have submitted all documents by the book! The application includes both my wife, and I. Our IELTS scores are also near perfect. I’m just clueless at this point, raised a request for the GCMS notes, and today received a notification for an additional 90 day extension.

Any advise or help with my FSW case is greatly appreciated. I did not apply through an agent, and have not hired an immigration attorney(yet)

It is not unusual to wait for 8 months or more… so just be patient.

Re-GCMS a lot of notes were delayed, but now they are picking up pace, so hopefully you’ll get it.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Hi Andy

Isn’t the norm to process by within or equal to 6 months? I understand the need for a buffer, but it’s nearly 9 months now, and not an update. They have to vet all applicants, a reasonable ask. But, most of the other folks with 3 or more dependents, who have moved back from the US, UK to India are getting it sooner[like 4-5 months]. Given the fact their background checks take time. My case to me[my perspective] looks plane-jane straightforward, the Visa Officers going by their training, and experience must make quicker, accurate decisions.

Hope they are not as lazy as some people write them to be online :wink:

An Update

Received an email to pay the RPRF fee as of this morning. The email/letter does not specify how to pay this fee. Can anyone please help how to pay the RPRF fee?