For first entry arrive by meaning

For first entry arrive by meaning
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I have my visa 189 granted today (15/03/2018), but i have a confusion and hope you can help me for the clarification.

On the visa grant letter, they gave a date with an expression as below:

For first entry, arrive by: 21/07/18

Please advise, if this is the date i must enter Australia at latest, or do i have to enter after this date. If this is the latest date, is there a way to ask for an extension since this is a very short notice?

Thank you all. Vortex


The “for first entry, arrive by” means you must first arrive in the country before that date. I don’t think there’s a set amount of time you must stay before you can leave again if you have a multi entry visa so technically you can come to Australia for a short period of time and then return to your home country again to continue organising yourself to move.


Hi does anyone know what options I have now that my wife could not arrive by the date on her grant notice. It does sound silly but we did not read the date correctly when we first received it and had other commitments so could not fly in such a short time frame anyway of 1 month. Any help would be greatly appreciated, we have tried to contact our case officer and awaiting a response. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience or knows the process to take moving forward.


I am in the same situation as you. Have you done anything about it yet. If you have kindly let know as i am worried.


The visa grant letter clearly mentions this date as “must make first entry before”, it is always advisable that all those who got the visa grant must make an entry inside Australian border before the mentioned date, even if it for one day. This will avoid any risk of Visa cancellation. Max allowed period is 1 year from Grant.