EOI 189 Registered Nurse

Hi all, I applied for EOI in September 2nd… Offshore… What are the possibilities for the invite… Your valuable suggestions please

Hey there!

How many points do you have as a RN for 189? To be honest, for 189, you need at least 90 points to be invited. I have a RN offshore friend with 85 points waiting since one year and then other RN Offshore friend received 189 invite (July,2020) with 90 points. I hope this gives you a rough estimate.

I myself received 190-VIC invite with 85+5 points in Feb, 2020. My code is 254415.

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Myself, Jobin from India

Me and Wife Both Registered Nurses who has active Registration in Australia…

We both has more than 8 years experience…

We are now offshore…

Put EOi first submitted on 10/11/2019 without my points added.

Later me did Registration and passed English test and updated points on 02/09/20

Right now the points are

189 : 80 points

190 : 85 points

491 : 95 points

We both are Registered Nurses (ANMAC CODE : 254423)

What are the possibilities to get an invite…

Expecting 189, 190 (NSW), 190(VIC), 491(VIC)

Hello Jobin,

Have you both submitted EOI Separately or are part of each other’s EOI? Also, since you both are offshore, I see very little chance that you will get an invite with 80/85 points for 189. 189 is solely based on high points and even for RNs, they are only inviting 90+ pointers as seen from the last 2-3 rounds.

190 is closed for offshores as of now. May be things change after 6th Oct (Annual Budget announcement for the FY 20-21) so keep an eye on each state’s website to know the criteria for state nomination. Some states may again have the criteria of being onshore for your job code. 190 is usually based on what skills are required by the state so points do not play much role. Having said that, I submitted my EOI (ANZSCO-254415) with 85 points for 190-VIC and did not receive an invite for 7 months. The moment my points hit 90, I got VIC nomination within 10 days. So, state invitations are like a black box.

For 491-NO IDEA!!

I would suggest that you or your wife try to increase your points by writing NAATI, If you haven’t already done that. That will give you additional 5 points and might get you a state nomination later. And now NAATI can be done from offshore too, so you can try that.

Wish you luck!

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Thank You [negi_pooja] for your comments and suggestions. I need to know much about NAATI , how i can do offshore. Do you have any links for that. I am in Qatar right now

Thanks a lot

Here you go: https://www.naati.com.au/services/ccl/

You can write the exam for any regional language. The link will give you more details.

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