Eng Technologist points in AUG round

Hi there,

Please update if anyone receive Eng Technologist invite at 75 points in Aug round, just to estimate how long will it take to obtain mine. Thanks

Hi! May be 2 months. Have you got any response from them? Whats your occupation specifically? Are you one shore?


Same situation here. 233914 & 75 points & waiting for VIC 190 invitation.

Any updates?

I am still looking for job bro. Don’t have job so thats. Very hard to find a job

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Are you in VIC looking for job? Just landed/

Nah brother! I studied at swinburne. So, it’s almost three years in Melbourne. Working with a building management company but as part time casual. For invite from state you know we need permanent full time minimum six month contract so I’m looking jobs now but it’s been a month really hard

I got job and applied 190 on Aug, still no news from VIC gov, so frustrated.

Good luck!

Hopefully you’ll get it brother! Good luck