Employment mistake while creating application

Hello Guys,

I got the AOR on March 30, 2019. Recently i received GCMS notes, from the notes i came to know that i made a mistake while creating the application. I have a 3 years of canadian work experience with the same company, in that whole experience i have two designations i.e., for 2 years my designation is software engineer and rest of experience is senior software engineer. While creating the application i did not mention that split i just mentioned 3 years as a senior software engineer, but the supporting document which i have submitted has a split. I guess because of that my application is under review. Please help me what should i do in such scenario? Any kind of suggestions /advice is much appreciated

Have they sent a message asking you to correct/send anything?

Nothing so far. We gonna order one more set of gcms Have anyone going through more than 8 months waiting period