Effected by COVID-19

Hi Guys, I have recived my 489 visa grant on January 15. I must first entry by April 08. But due to the COVID-19, I am not likely to abord by that day. What can i do? And where can i contact via phone number/email adress?

Hi Simon,

Congrats with your grant and secondly very shitty situation you are in, we are all in. Can I ask why you have only 90 days? I thought it was a year? A lot is unknown and unclear at the momengt. On the website itself it says when you do fly your visa will be cancelled when these travel restrictions are in place. Surely they will create a waiver periode of some sort. Currently, for all temporary visa holders that are outside of australia and for all ‘overstayers’ in Australia and on 8503 conditions they will be assessing case-to-case basis and MIA and AAT are working together to lengthen the period possibly and hopefully also for your case till 30 october 2020. Best to call DHOA, keep us updatet! Good luck!!

Found this an another forum:

Each applicant who needs a IED waiver has to email DoHA providing details like;Passport, DOB, visa grant number and a reason why they need the waiver. You can send your email to any of the below address.gsm.adelaide@homeaffairs.gov.au gsm.brisbane@homeaffairs.gov.au gsm.allocated@homeaffairs.gov.au You can expect a reply back within 7-10 working days(this is not a official time frame but what other applicants have reported in the past)