Different Address of Spouse Mentioned in Passport - eAPR Form Submission

Different Address of Spouse Mentioned in Passport - eAPR Form Submission
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Hi Everyone

I have recently submitted by eAPR form and got AOR as well, however, I have a doubt regarding one aspect of my application. I had mentioned our (for me and my spouse) current address in the form and had got the PCC for same as well (same address as entered in the form). The address mentioned in passport of my spouse shows a previous address while my address is same (updated) as mentioned in the eAPR form.

I had checked the respective authority’s website as well - https://www.mea.gov.in/police-clearance-certificate.htm and there they have mentioned that to get the PCC one has to submit the “Proof of current address” in case the current address is different than what is mentioned in the passport. I can recall that we did submit the proof of current address for my spouse during her PCC process (and got the PCC), but PCC doc does not mention the current address details explicitly. It just essentially say that the person if free to travel.

I am wondering if CIC would consider PCC as a valid address proof that me and my spouse have a single address despite her address being shown as different in her passport copy (I know it sounds bit comical but you never know as to what CIC may object to !!).

Would it be a good idea to send a LoE to CIC via the webform (perhaps, the only way available to send additional doc after eAPR submission) to explain the situation or would be just fine in CIC scrutiny of our application in this aspect. Please advise… Thanks.