did anyone get 190 invitation after 16/11/2019 and got issue relating to the Skill Select system automatically add 5 points for partner under competition english

Hi everyone,

I got invitation for 190 from Tasmania on 18/11/2019 with 70 points, I did not claim any point for my partner in my EOI. When I came back to SkillSelect system, I realised the SkillSelect system added more 5 points for my parter (under competent english) after their system upgraded on 16/11/2019. Today I received contact from CO requesting for skill assessment and competent English for my partner :((. Does anyone get the same issue like me?

@Hai_Le Did you add any details of your partners details to the EOI?

No, I did not add any details of my partner. In the EOI, it only ask a question " do you claim points for partner" then I tick No. I have some friends got the same issue like me but the problem is I got invitation right after the error happen then my Skill Select frozen that I could not update anything anymore. I and my friend also send email to Skill Select team and they answer that it’s due to I checked YES to the question “Does your partner hold passport from US, UK…” . This one clearly a system error as before 16/11/2019, this question was not available in skill select system but the skill select team refuse it was not their error.