December AOR 2017

December AOR 2017
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@Andy-MyImmiTracker Please add me in Jan AOR group for canada. Thanks.


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Hi, If there’s any PNP Oinp nominated group Aor Feb 2018 thanks a lot.


Hi guys my aor :20th dec 2017 ,fsw -o ,EE profile I am in ip2 since 27th Feb 2018 Till now i haven’t received any rprf request too

a) I don’t know in which VO is my case , would it be ok to call CIC and ask them ?

b) Usually , people receive RPRF earlier (before ip2 or when entered) , as per my case does that mean it is not going on right path ?

c) Once RPRF fees is paid , aprox how much time it takes to PPR ?

d) Once visa stamping is done , how much time does CIC give to land in Canada ? Appreciate your help

Regards Gary


A) raise CSE and ask. B) it will s requested once case is ready to be finalzed do not pull it to align with your background check status C) please check this report: D) you get time land before your meds or passport expire whichever is earlier


@Andy-MyImmiTracker can you please add me to the Jan 2018 AOR group


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Please add my in your whatsapp group. My AOR is dated 1st Dec’17.


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Can anyone assist me on below queries?

  1. My application is showing in In-progress stage, but i ma not sure if it is in IP1 or IP2?
  2. How do we come to know about the status change in background check from IP1 to IP2?
  3. what exactly the notes say under IP2 status?

did you have not applicable in the BG status lately?


Nopes, it’s In-progress since 7th Mar before that it was NA


Hi everyone A very strange thing happened in my case My consultant was about to pay RPRF (980$ ) for me and my spouse But the attached email from NDVO has written to pay RPRF FOR YOU. Does this mean only PA or includes spouse also? Did anyone experienced this ? Please share your views :frowning: Regards Gary


Hi, Can someone please add me to the December 2017 WhatsApp group?


Hi, Can someone please add me to the December 2017 WhatsApp group? My No is 9899596012