December AOR 2017

December AOR 2017
4.4 18


Dear Andy

CAn u please add me to jan 2018 AOR Group


Hey, Andy. The link to the December AOR WhatsApp group seems to be inactive. How can I join it?


Kindly Add me


invited everyone!


Can u plz add me to January 2018 AOR Group





Kindly add me.


HI Everyone. i would request the moderator to add me to the whatsapp group as well.


Hi Andy Please add me in wassup group .my AOR is 20th Dec 2017

Thanks Gary


Plz share the whatsapp link for December 2017 aor group.


Hi everyone I am curious to know how long does it take for a file to move from na2 to ip2

Any experience or any ideas ?

Regards Gary


See here:


kindly add me in january AOR group


December AOR whatsapp group:


Hi, Can you please add me to the January 2018 AOR whatsapp group. I could not find the thread here.




Hi, please add me to dec AOR group


Please add me to Decembet AOR watsapp group


Whatsapp link does not work. Can you add me too?


Hey, can you please add me too OINP stream, AOR from CIC revived on 15th dec 2017. Add to whatsapp group to please