Construction Project Manager -133111

Hi, What’s the status of CPM as of now in NSW??? It seems there has been very few invites off lately and half of the immigration year is over. Some information shows that still the occupation ceiling is not matched and we may see more invites in near future.

Last Jan to Aug people with even 65 points were invited. Does anyone knows whats the recent trend??



Any news on this? Are CPM’s getting invited in year 2020?

Hey Buddy,

No info whatsoever. I am eagerly waiting for the invite. Hope to get some positive news… whats the trend, do u have any info??

Haven’t seen a significant update also. It doesn’t seem that it reacted positively even when its included to the PMSOL. Are you onshore?

Any news on this??? Any offshore construction project managers got invitations ?? If yes, what are your points ???