Consolidated Spousal Sponsorship Tracker - Need Improvements

Dear Admin, This tracker needs correction to columns. Many of the columns on this tracker are not at all relevant anymore. Few of the important info columns are missing. Process has changed and the updates we get is changed now. This tracker doesn’t shows relevant columns.

How can we suggest or add/remove columns from this tracker? Please let me know.

Thank you sis

Hello! Happy to help. Please send me your suggested improvements in the forum or within our Telegram group (link to join here: and I’ll incorporate them!

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As we know Spousal Sponsorship is gone completely online, there are few existing fields which have become obsolete now and do not make sense anymore. Few existing fields need modifications in name or in list of values it accepts. And finally, few new fields should be added as per the new PR tracker status updates provided by IRCC, so that applicants could make meaningful insights using immitracker.

Existing Fields to be removed :

  1. ECAS - PRAS In process
  2. DM Date
  3. Schedule A (this was never useful)
  4. PCC (this was never useful)

Existing fields to be modified :

  1. ‘Current Status’ field should have these values added : ‘Pre-arrival’, ‘Eligibility in progress’. Remove the value - ‘DM’
  2. Rename the field ‘Application Received on’ to ‘Application Submitted on’
  3. Rename ‘AoR 1’ field to ‘AoR Date’
  4. Rename ‘SA’ field to ‘Sponsor Approval date’
  5. Rename ‘AoR 2’ to ‘Received by PA Visa office’
  6. Rename ‘Passport Received’ to ‘Stamped Passport received’

New Fields to be added :

  1. Eligibility in Progress (Date type field)
  2. Eligibility Completed (Date type field)
  3. Pre-arrival received (Date type field)
  4. Background check Completed (Date type field)
  5. PA have children? (Yes/No type field)
  6. PA mentioned as unaccompanied spouse on Sponsor PR application? (Yes/No)

New sequence of fields on case form should be :

  1. PA Visa office
  2. Outland or Inland
  3. PA have children?
  4. Current status
  5. Application Submitted on
  6. AoR Date
  7. Sponsor Approval Date
  8. Received by PA Visa office
  9. Medical Exam date
  10. Medical Passed date
  11. Eligibility in Progress
  12. Eligibility Completed
  13. Pre-arrival received
  14. Background check in progress
  15. Background check Completed
  16. Interview
  17. Interview date
  18. Passport Request date
  19. Stamped Passport received
  20. Landed
  21. PA mentioned as unaccompanied spouse on Sponsor PR application?

All these changes will give this tracker a new life. It will be relevant as per current trends and will be more intuitive for people to fill in. Thank you for acknowledging this request. Hope to see these new changes implemented soon!!


Thank you so much for this detailed summary! We’ll work on making those fixes over the next few days and let you know once they’re made! Appreciate your contribution to helping make Immitracker better :slight_smile:

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@nino_m : Hello, when can we expect the changes to go live?

@sksaxena all the changes you requested have now been made! Take a look when you have a minute and let me know if anything else needs to be adjusted. I followed your list and tried to make it look as clean and usable as possible.

@nino_m Thanks for update. I updated my case and found a bug. Whenever I select Current status = ‘Pre arrival’, and save it - It automatically changes and saves the value as ‘Background check in progress’. Please fix this and check the logic for other fields as well…

Another observation - Whenever I select Current status = ‘PPR’, and save it - It automatically changes and saves the value as ‘Background check in progress’. Please fix this

Another issue is, when we select new fields to Bring in our view from ‘Tool panel’ - they start coming on left most side i.e. in beginning. This disturbs whole view. Instead, any new fields added should by default come on right most side i.e. in end. After that User may drag the columns at position of their choice.

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@sksaxena I looked into the issue, it should be working now. I personally tested the tracker and as long as you input the statuses in accordance to the dates that are related to the status (for example: PPR is indicated only when you put a PPR date), you should be seeing the correct status. Try again and if you’re experiencing the same issue with the status let me know.

Keep in mind that many of the fields have conditional logic, so if you’re trying to select PPR status without a PPR date indicated, it will not let you. Same thing for the rest of the fields: if you try to put a status but don’t have the correlated date field indicated, it will revert you to the previous status. So you won’t be able to jump from AOR to PPR without the rest of the dates fields indicated first. Additionally, you could be experiencing an issue when you have certain dates that are more down the line in the view (such as Background Check in Progress being after Pre-Arrival) reverting you to the most recent status correlating to that date. If you want the status before this one to be shown on the case, you’ll have to remove the date after (e.g. remove Background Check in Progress date and leave Pre-Arrival Received date).

Regarding the tool panel, thank you for your feedback. I’ll put that note in for our team and we’ll look into it as we work on our platform development efforts.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot @nino_m for your efforts. It’s working fine now. With respect to conditional logic, I am in agreement with you that it should be linked to what fields user is filling.

I have received PPR for my case recently, so I couldn’t make use of these newly implemented changes :slight_smile: . I have updated my case and I hope our efforts on this tracker will help lot of other people in future.



Congrats on receiving your PPR Samarth! Happy to hear that your immigration process is successfully moving forward.

And thank you so much for your efforts and feedback, I really appreciate it! It’s the community that brings some of the biggest value to our platform at the end of the day :slight_smile:

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