Chances of Offshore 189 Invitation


I would like to ask what are the chances of 189 offshore invitations after new federal budget and rules.

I have heard only onshore will be given priority

I think they will issue offshore invites as well in case if there is no onshore applicant at that points level. 1/3 is for offshore applicants. Picture will be much clearer in December or January.

why clear in december? We can get an idea during Oct and Nov Invitations?

By then we will be able to see 4 invitation rounds so can have an idea what is going on.

@maliha_kanwal TBH for 189 visa, If you are among the highest points in your occupation then you will definitely be invited no matter where you are based.

Hope this helps.


My EOI is expiring on July with 90 points for industrial engineering visa 189. Should I lodge new EOI already? Given the new federal budget, what are my chances of getting invite offshore? Thanksss

Are there chances of EOI if they occupation is in critical occupation list when the EOI is offshore ???

“After lifting restrictions on Australians, Morrison said the next priority would be skilled migrants and international students — before tourists.” i.e. grants should start flowing again sometime next year.

Any news for offshore candidates after NSW , ACT & SA